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The New Antique Store - 6 Inch full Brass Handed Telescope with Heavy Polished Wooden Box & Brass Lens Cover for Navigation-Pocket Telescope - Nautical Telescope - Powerful Lenses Reflecting Telescope

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The Nautical Premium Quality 6 inch Golden Brass Spy Glass Telescope is a great gift for a nautical navigator in your family. The spy glass measures 6 inch when its four brass tubes, which are clear coated to protect the brass from tarnishing, are fully extended. Simply push the eyepiece in or out to bring the image into clear focus.The 6 inch spy glass is shipped in a beautiful felt-lined brass-inlaid hardwood case. The box features brass side inlets on all sides and the Hampton Nautical solid brass anchor-with-rope logo on the top.

  • Fine Quality and Exquisite - 100% Hand Crafted using Brass & high quality genuine premium wooden box. 6" Handheld Brass Telescope.
  • This telescope uses push-and-pull mechanism to focus distant objects. You need to Pull it out completely and slowly push the barrel inside, while looking through the telescope, till the desired object becomes clear. great piece of work very unique telescope.
  • Brass Pocket Telescope - 6" Inch Brass Telescope with Hard-wood BOX.
  • Made of brass. size: 16cm to 7.5cm X 3.5cm (Telescope) : 9.5cm X 5cm X 5cm (BOX)
  • wonderful usable nautical decor in any office, boat or home or gifting to your loved ones. Shiny brass polished telescope With hardwood Wooden Box.

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