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Brass Sextant Instrument Nautical Sextent for Navigation Gift Marine Antique Functional Astrolabe, in Hardwood Gift Box

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Sextant Navigation Instrument Sextant Navigation Marine Astrolabe Sextant Instrument Replica in Gift Box Premium Quality - 1855
The sextant was the primary instrument used for navigation at sea for hundreds of years. Without the invention and use of this instrument no one would have been able to travel and find the "New World" and therefore none would be here in the Americas. The nautical sextant is designed for navigational and astronomical purposes and allows horizontal and vertical angles to be measured. It is used in marine navigation for measuring vertical angles to stars, occasionally, also for measuring angles between terrestrial targets. The instrument is also fitted with filters, or dark-coloured glasses, which can be swung into position when needed, and are generally used for solar observations. The structure of the sextant is based on the theorem that a ray reflected by two mirrors is deflected by twice the angle enclosed by the mirrors. The sextant is a free hand instrument and so it's accuracy may be limited. It must be noted that the sextant measures angles, and not directions or bearings, and is a more accurate instrument than the compass, but not as accurate as the theodolite. The sextant however, in general, is lighter, more portable, and quicker to use than the theodolite. It can also be used from a moving platform, such as a ship or a small boat, where it is impossible to use a theodolite. Large Brass Sextant
  • Brass Nautical Sextant in Hardwood Gift Box. Made of High Grade Solid Brass and fully seasoned beautiful rosewood. Dimensions :6.38 x 5.51 x 3.31 inches & Weight :1.98 lbs
  • This absolutely gorgeous solid brass pocket compass with a rich, Aged Brass finish.
  • Nautical collectors, enthusiasts, and seafarer alike will love this stunning solid Large Antique sextants. As a perfect gift, this Navigation sextant instrument for sale is a gleaming recreation of the classic working sextants that have guided sailors since the 1700s
  • Brass sextant were as much a work of art as they were a functional tool, many of which are in fascinating museums and collections around the world. Gift this solid brass sextants with Box to the nautical enthusiast in your life, and complete their personal collection.
  • Fully functional Brass sextant Instrument operates like a real navigational tool. Though it is not calibrated. Not suitable for serious Navigation. It is a replica only; Neither antique nor used

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